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aliens CM logo
Game play
Feals like 10 year old shooter nothing new, ai very easy to troll
Gfx  9/10
Unreal 3 engine what more to say
Atmosphere  2/10
Pore animations/movement & very pore level design hole game is a big hall way walk, copy paste terrain
Alien franchise accuracy   -1/10 
Does more harm than good to the aliens universe, new aliens designs don’t fit at all, Alien blood is shocking bad looking
Custom Game play experience  1/10
No hud options, no skirmish, weapon mods are all superficial, Compulsory npc’s every mission
Initiative ideas  -1/10
No new content or worlds to explore, new weapons all outta context from alien universe, Boring same old missions go there’ click that’ kinda stuff
ACM 2013-02-13 13-58-48-12
ACM 2013-02-13 13-41-03-93 ACM 2013-02-13 13-38-23-46 ACM 2013-02-13 13-19-54-51 ACM 2013-02-13 13-17-17-25 ACM 2013-02-13 14-30-05-26 ACM 2013-02-13 14-25-53-39 ACM 2013-02-13 14-08-04-57 ACM 2013-02-13 13-46-09-49


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