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Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
/ Very good nextgen game
Gameplay 10/10
Very nice combat and ship battles that ant to easy
Graphics 10/10
Amazing graphics and water physics
Level Design 10/10
Huge world with lots to do
AC4BFSP 2013-11-21 21-46-06-65
AC4BFSP 2013-11-21 17-09-14-04
AC4BFSP 2013-11-21 21-48-27-60
AC4BFSP 2013-11-21 21-50-51-57

Company of Heros 2 / skirmish games on very hard AI
Kingdom Under Fire: A War of Heroes / Very nice old rts
Dawn of War II – Retribution / Nothing Grate
Path of Exile / Level 43 Ranger – Nemesis League
RimWorld / Nice simple Sim game

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